Conference Support and Sponsors

The conference bureau greatly appreciates the financial support of sponsors. For the virtual symposium 2021 the sponsoring concept has been adapted:

The symposium will host a series of six webinars on various aspects of Dupuytren Disease (plus four webinars on other surgical subjects). Each webinar will start with an invited key note, followed by a discussion (total about 30 min). Next, a break will give each sponsor an opportunity to show a 2-3 min video. After the break the webinar will continue with 2 – 4 research papers, including discussions.(total 20 – 60 min)..

Sponsors may choose to have their video shown on one or more webinars. Showing a video will be charged 500 € + VAT = 600 € per webinar. The name of the sponsor will also be mentioned on this web page.

Sponsors of the 2021 Symposium:

Fidia farmaceutici S.p.A.
35031 Abano Terme (PD) – Italy


NEA International BV
6199 Maastricht – The Netherlands





The Best Paper Award is supported by the International Dupuytren Society and is funded by patients. These funds were originally raised to support travelling expenses of young researchers, as initiated by Prof. Heinrich Seegenschmiedt, Germany.

Supporting organizations:

British Dupuytren’s Society
Canadian Dupuytren Society
Dutch Dupuytren Society
Russian Dupuytren Society
Deutsche Dupuytren-Gesellschaft
Dupuytren Research Group, Palm Springs, USA
International Dupuytren Society, Germany


Note: Non-profit donations will have no commercial benefit.